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Somali women in higher education, research and academia Conference 2021 

Annual knowledge exchange

Theme: Somali Women in higher education, research and academia
Venue: Virtual Conference 

The Somalia Gender Hub will be organising an international conference on Somali women in higher education, research and academia. The conference will shed light on the situation of Somali women in HE as well as explore the challenges women face and examine opportunities.

The overall objective of this conference to be hosted  by the Somalia Gender Hub is to explore and address the gender issues and gaps affecting research and researchers in the Somali regions and to develop support for women researchers. The conference aims to bring together scholars, practitioners and policymakers working on, and in, Somalia to discuss and explore how knowledge is produced in Somalia, often by – or for – actors who never go there.

The specific objectives of the conference are the following;

  1. To explore, understand and gain greater insights about who is working on gender in research in Somalia and how they are carrying out their work. What do we know about gender in research in Somali studies.
  2. To strengthen collaboration and networking among  gender researchers within and outside of Somalia.
  3. To strengthen participants’ basic knowledge of gender issues in research in Somalia to promote gender equality in research, and  to integrate perspectives and fundamental knowledge about gender.


Program coming soon.



Panelist will be announced shortly.


Registration for the conference 

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