Second Annual Conference 2022

Somali Women in Higher Education, Research and Academia


Somalia Gender Hub will be organizing a second annual conference on Somali Women in higher education, research and in academia which will take place on December 27 2022. The conference will be a place for women to converse, connect, collaborate and commune in exchanging knowledge, resources and tools on the role of Somali women in academia, in higher education and in research. The Hub hereby cordially invites abstracts to be submitted for presentation at the upcoming virtual knowledge exchange conference. 

This conference aims to explore and take stock of the current “gender situation” in higher education leadership in Somalia. It aims to explore the unique situation of Somali women as well as explore perspectives, obstacles, best practices and opportunities in academia and in higher education. The conference also aims at building skills and providing tools and information directly applicable to Somali women aspiring to be leaders in research and in academia. The conference will consist of 4 interactive panels with breakout sessions. Expert speakers will tackle the topic of Somali women in research and academia from different angles. 

More details on the conference will be shared soon.

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