Annual Conference 2021

Somali women in higher education, research and academia

Conference 2021
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    Venue: Virtual Conference (Zoom)
    Date:  28th and 29th of November 2021
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    Call for Papers

    The Somalia Gender Hub (SGH) in partnership with the Mawazo Institute is organizing a 2-day knowledge exchange conference on Somali Women in higher education, research and in academia. The upcoming virtual knowledge exchange conference will take place from Sunday 28th of November to Monday, 29th of November 2021 via Zoom. The conference will be a place for women to converse, connect, collaborate and commune in exchanging knowledge, resources and tools on the role of Somali women in academia, in higher education and in research. The Hub hereby cordially invites abstracts and papers to be submitted for presentation at the upcoming virtual knowledge exchange conference which will take place 28th -29th November 2021.

    The 2-day conference aims to explore and take stock of the current “gender situation” in higher education leadership in Somalia. It aims to explore the unique situation of Somali women as well as explore perspectives, obstacles, best practices and opportunities in academia and in higher education. The conference also aims at building skills and providing tools and information directly applicable to Somali women aspiring to be leaders in research and in academia. The conference will consist of 4 interactive panels with breakout sessions. Expert speakers will tackle the topic of Somali women in research and academia from different angles. The conference consists of the following panel sessions;

    Panel 1: Policy, practice and the engendered: the political economy of research in Somalia. 

    Panel 2: Women in research and knowledge production in Somalia

    Panel 3: Women in higher education and academia, learning and teaching

    Panel 4: Mentorship and support to female researchers and academics 

    The knowledge exchange conference will bring together a range of researchers, women academics, women bloggers, women writers, activists, members from the civil society and higher education institutions involved in women, and research and academia. Participants will be invited to register on a mailing list Community of Practice which will enable them to continue the discussion, collaborate, and share resources. Breakout sessions will include keynote addresses from leaders in the fields of academia, research and higher education. 

    Papers should address the questions “what is holding back the agency of women in academia? and what are the forces erasing or hampering women’s full participation in research?” by fleshing out a diverse terrain of thoughts and opinions, and identifying some of the most pressing concerns faced by women in academia and research, which includes issues such as the state of being invisible and becoming visible.

    • Policy, practice and the engendered: the political economy of research in Somalia.
    • Women in research and knowledge production in Somalia: challenges, gaps and opportunities.
    • Women in higher education and academia, learning and teaching.
    • Mentorship and support to female researchers and academic; challenges, gaps and opportunities.

    Submission guidelines
    This call for papers invites Somali scholars and practitioners with expertise in the subject matter to submit abstracts. Submitted abstracts should relate to the conference themes and follow the guidelines below:

    • Abstracts should be written in Somali or English and be 250-300 words;
    • Interested authors should send a one-page bio and contact details;
    • Submissions should indicate the theme that the abstract falls under;
    • All papers will be reviewed, and accepted authors will be invited to present a paper;
    • Selected research papers will be notified and later published.

    Important dates and organizing committee
    The deadline for the submission of abstracts is 25 June 2021. Kindly, send your abstracts to the Director, Sahra A. Koshin,

    If you would like to put this event in your calendar, please visit our conference event’s page where you can find the + Add to Google Calendar or + iCal / Outlook export.

    Registration Form



    The detailed conference programme can be viewed here

    Concept Note

    If you would like to know more about the conference you can read the concept note, where we further elaborate the objectives of the conference. The overall objective of this conference is to explore and address the gender issues and gaps affecting research in the Somali regions and to develop support for women researchers. The conference aims to bring together scholars, policymakers and practitioners to discuss and explore the role of women in higher education and how engendered knowledge can benefit Somalia.

    More Information

    For any queries please contact:

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