Centre for Research on Gender in Somalia

We aim to advance studies & the provision of data on gender and the situation of women in Somalia.  

Who we are

The Somalia Gender Hub endeavors to embed itself in local knowledge networks and structures.  It works with Somali universities to set up Gender Studies programs and cooperate with other research centres in Somalia. The Hub is a leading and influential centre for research.

Our Programmes

Community of Practice

The Community of Practice is created to give Somali women the opportunity to connect, collaborate and support each other. We provide the necessary tools and resources to be able to collaborate.

Mentorship Programme

The Mentorship Programme helps Somali women to develop and enhance their research skills. The assigned mentor assists in your professional development and provides online coaching.



We regularly provide online academic research courses such as introduction to research, literature review, research methodologies, data collection, data analyses, and report writing.

Our Partners

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