A leading center for research on women and gender in Somalia
The Somalia Gender Hub aims to advance studies & the provision of data on gender and the situation of women in Somalia
| Annual Knowledge Conference | 28th-29th November 2021

About Somalia Gender Hub

The Somalia Gender Hub endeavors to embed itself in local knowledge networks and structures. It works with Somali universities to set up Gender Studies programs and cooperate with other research centers in Somalia. The Hub is a leading and influential center for research on gender and Somali women.

More about the hub 

Nasra A. Shafie’s Thesis 

On ‘Assessing the extent to which state collapse in Somalia has led to a shift in the status of Somali Women.’ 


Past events

We work with Puntland Women Writers based in Garowe, Puntland State of Somalia whose programs focus on developing and publishing women writers in Puntland in the Somalia regions.


Upcoming Events

Training for women on blogging 

The Somalia Gender Hub organises regular short- and long-term blogging workshops aimed at Somali women and young girls.
The Hub has thus far trained over 60 Somali women on blogging skills, opening a blog, maintaining a blog, writing meaningful opinionated blog posts on burning special issues as well as digital activism skills.

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Sahra Ahmed Koshin – finding peace & bliss

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Gender issues in Somalia
Somali Women on the Web & Cyberbullying

Social media has given Somali women the space to be free, the opportunity to connect with their fellow sisters, as well as a platform to showcase their talents and growth… Read more

COVID-19 Is Confirmed In Puntland. How Are Families Coping?

Cross-posted from https://sahrakoshin.wordpress.com/ * This blogpost is part of ongoing research work on COVID-19 in Somalia. It is Part 1 of a series of blogposts the blogger intends to post… Read more

If I were the President of Somalia, I’d do the following for peace.

Learning from the nearly 30 years of war, civil unrest and bloodshed, I’d help build communities based on honesty, respect and compassion for one another. I would appoint a Minister… Read more

I Am A Somali Woman

I am the sister of the martyr. I am the aunt of the potato seller at the local market. I am the daughter of the local sheikh. I am the… Read more

Gender Analysis of Somalia

This gender analysis study of Somalia was conducted by Sahra Ahmed Koshin between October and November 2016 with the aim of providing a foundation for the implementation in Somalia and… Read more

Puntland Women Writers Association

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